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Historic Districts - Certificate of Appropriateness
Application for Review Procedure. 
1. The Board shall render a decision on any application for a building or sign permit under its review no later than one month after the hearing/meeting provided for in § 11-109 of this Part, provided that sufficient information to render an informed decision has been supplied by the applicant or otherwise made available. After a waiting period of five days, the Board shall submit, in writing, to the Borough Council recommendations concerning the issuance of a certificate of appropriateness. In no instance shall the Board take longer than 10 days to notify the Borough Council if its decision.

2. At least five days before the Borough Council meeting at which the Board's recommendation concerning an application will be considered, the applicant must be supplied with written notice of the date, time and place of the Council meeting.

3. If the Board decides to advise against the granting of a certificate of appropriateness for all or part of an application, it shall indicate to the applicant, in writing, the changes in plans and specifications, if any, which, in the opinion of the Board, would protect the distinctive historical character of the district. If the applicant decides to make the specified changes, he/she shall so notify the Board, in writing, within five days following the rendering of its decision. The Board, in turn, shall advise the Borough Council accordingly. If the applicant is unable to make the decision in the time allowed, he/she may submit an application with the specified changes for consideration at a subsequent Board meeting.

Written Report to Borough Council Concerning Certificate of Appropriateness.
The written report to the Borough Council, which may be the minutes of the Board's meeting, concerning the Board's recommendations on the issuance of a certificate of appropriateness shall set out the following matters:
A. The name of the applicant and the address or location of the area in which the work is to be done. In the case of signs, the name of the business shall be stated.
B. A brief statement of the building's architectural style, outstanding architectural features, period or date of erection, if known, and current degree of modification.
C. A description of the proposed exterior changes or the exterior characteristics of the structure to be erected. When the Board deems appropriate, as in the case of new buildings or extensive changes to sensitive buildings, drawings, photographs or other illustrative material may be presented.
D. A statement of factors from § 11-110 or 11-111 that the Board considered to be relevant in rendering its decision.
E. A summary of the Board's deliberations, including any dissent, as to the appropriateness of the work proposed as it will preserve or diminish the historic character of the district.
F. The specific recommendations of the Board as to the issuance by the Borough Council or its refusal to issue a certificate of appropriateness.

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